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TAIT & Associates

TAIT & Associates drives team efficiency with simplified file sharing

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Civil engineering firm improves employee productivity using OpenText Hightail to easily share large files

Projects at TAIT are dependent on sharing large files, such as environmental reports, construction documents and plan sets, with clients and agencies. We needed a solution for large file sharing that was secure, fast and easy to use.

Lorie Wnorowski, Assistant project manager


TAIT's company server has a 20MB file size limit, which is quite small for a developer to be able to share plan sets that are sometimes as large as 100MB. They needed a solution for large file sharing that was secure, fast and easy to use. 



Improved team satisfaction with easy sharing of large files
Increased productivity without dependency on manual or unreliable solutions
Accelerated agency access to documents without requiring log in

About TAIT & Associates

Established in 1964 and headquartered in Southern California, TAIT & Associates is a leading civil engineering, environmental services and architectural firm. TAIT seeks to improve the world through the design and development of both physical spaces and land, as well as the protection of communities from environmental risk.
The organization serves customers across a variety of industries, including hospitality, medical, parks and recreation, residential, retail and commercial.