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Glendale Police Department

Arizona law enforcement strengthens protection

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Glendale Police Department speeds work cycle, public service and increases security with OpenText Brava!

OpenText Brava! reduced the time it takes with each report, which increased our work production and ultimately our efficiency.

Daniel Soto, Glendale Police Sergeant, Glendale Police Department


  • Must redact sensitive and confidential information due to privacy rules
  • Accurately redacting reports is time consuming
  • Large amount of public records that are requested to be released



  • Sped response to public records requests with intuitive, on-the-fly redaction scripts and tools
  • Reduced department’s redaction tasks by several hours
  • Enhanced protection with true redaction to ensure sensitive material is fully removed

About Glendale Police Department

The mission of the Glendale Police Department is to protect the lives and property of the people they serve.