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Entertainment producer enlists OpenText Hightail to centralize and accelerate the creative review process

OpenText Hightail is a great way for us to share creative images and ideas back and forth, not just within Quantum Creative Studios, but also with some of our vendors and clients. Our creative and project management teams know that they can look in one single location to find the most recent feedback on our work.

Jayson Raitt, Chief Executive Officer, Quantum Creative Studios


  • Organization lacked a central location for the volume of comments and feedback coming in around so many assets
  • Team works across a variety of different disciplines, with many creative and technical artists and designers
  • Staff work either in the office or remotely, as well as contractors so there is a lot of information sharing



  • Centralized management of the creative review process
  • Accelerated feedback and approval cycles
  • Enhanced productivity with improved communication and collaboration

About Quantum Creative Studios

From theme parks, museums and casinos to cruise ships, retail centers and Broadway stages, Quantum Creative Studios works behind the scenes to bring imaginative concepts and unique content to life for innovative and immersive entertainment, experiences and exhibitions. For more information, visit