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Gulf MP Company Limited

Gulf MP Company Limited powers ahead with OpenText

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ECM-based engineering information management facilitates controlled, secure and efficient information exchange between stakeholders during design and construction, eliminating costly project delays

Before adopting OpenText, we mainly used email to exchange information, but there was no way to track the source and end-point of emails, which resulted in many delayed approvals. OpenText eliminates this 'middle man' and helps the organization to save on operational costs. It also enables us to retain full knowledge of any changes, which dramatically improves compliance.

Ply Samudavanija, Vice President, Information Technology


  • Inability to track the source of email exchange and end-point emails, resulted in many approval delays
  • Difficult to manage and track all project phases
  • Required a more efficient and effective communication mechanism to share information between project stakeholders



  • Eliminate costly delays and enabled secure, efficient information exchange
  • Concurrent engineering and revision control, along with automated review and approval processes, speed milestone completion while ensuring compliance and full auditability
  • Improved collaboration between Gulf MP business units and external parties

About Gulf MP Company Limited

Gulf MP Company Limited owns and operates gas-fired combined cycle power plant projects in Thailand. For more information, visit: