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Hire Counsel

Hire Counsel provides eDiscovery cost certainty with fixed price review

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OpenText™ Axcelerate™ enables seamless merger of human and machine learning, eliminating the risk of cost overruns

Using OpenText Axcelerate’s advanced analytics, we culled the corpus from 1.65 million documents to a review set of only 800,000 and, throughout the review, we used the technology to help ensure coding consistency across the team of 40 attorneys.

Todd W. Kunz, Esq., National Director for Managed Review Services, Hire Counsel


  • Cull and review 1.65 million technical documents for patent litigation
  • Manage a team of 40 attorney reviewers coding across 11 issues
  • Meet aggressive deadlines with a cost-conscious client and fixed budget



  • Integrated sampling tools enabled accurate predictions for project scope, timeline and budget
  • Advanced analytics reduced the volume of documents for review by more than 50 percent
  • Continuous machine learning helped uncover crucial evidence early

About Hire Counsel

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