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FARYS Cuts Document Template Management Significantly with OpenText

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SAP Document Presentment by OpenText reduces deployment time from three months to under seven days, with lower costs and improved customer service.

The use of OpenText together with SAP gives us the confidence for future growth. The synergy between the two platforms is clear and we are working toward a true 360-degree view of our customers within SAP, thanks to OpenText. The combination of SAP and OpenText is crucial for FARYS.

Inge Opreel, ICT Department Manager, FARYS


  • High cost of document output template creation and maintenance due to reliance on external provider
  • Delays for new documents and for changing existing documents
  • Lack of a single source for customer communications in customer interaction center



  • New communications deployed on average in less than one week, reduced from approximately three months (90 percent reduction)
  • Independence from print provider
  • Lower cost of external print production
  • More predictable workload for customer service agents

About Farys

Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, FARYS provides drinking water throughout the country. The public sector firm is also active in the management of sewerage networks and the building, renovation, and maintenance of swimming pools. Additionally, FARYS also provides a purchasing and service center for public and semi-public entities