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Benders Builds Better Communications with OpenText

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OpenText Communications Center Enterprise delivers agile, personalized, and cost-effective document output.

The ease with which we can produce documents and personalize them helps us stand out from our competitors. In today’s increasingly digital workplace, where personal contact with customers and suppliers is decreasing, OpenText CCE provides a means for us to maintain a personal edge and closeness.

Mathias Olsson, Operations Manager, Benders Sverige


  • High cost and lengthy lead time to implement output template changes through IT department
  • ERP solution lacked document composition and personalization capabilities
  • Need to differentiate from competition as construction industry undergoes digital transformation



  • Greater agility through reduced document change times
  • Lower costs with no need to involve IT for document changes/composition
  • Document personalization improves customer and supplier relationship
  • Staff feel involved and are more motivated

About Benders

Founded in 1960 by Karl-Erik Bender, and still family owned today, Benders Sverige AB is one of the leading manufacturers of roofing, landscaping, natural stone, insulation, walling, and infrastructure products in the Nordic countries. Headquartered in Edsvära, just outside Kvänum in the Västergötland region of Sweden, the firm has multiple production facilities throughout Europe and about 30 warehouses, sales locations, and distributors. Benders produces 12,000m2 of paving each day, uses 130 million kg of cement each year, and makes enough roof tiles to cover 250 detached homes every day.