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Nichirin U.K. Limited

Nichirin U.K. Relies on OpenText for Crucial Exchange of EDI Messages

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OpenText Freeway Professional provides reliable messaging and labeling.

The team at OpenText is very knowledgeable, approachable, and was very helpful during the set-up and since in providing support. We also feel assured that due to its global reach and scale, OpenText will be there today, tomorrow, and well into the future to support us.

Richard Nuttall, Senior Plant Manager, Nichirin U.K. Limited


  • Customer mandated EDI needed to protect critical business relationship and revenue
  • Specific packing label layout required to match dispatch advice
  • EDI and labelling needed for quality standard award



  • OpenText knowledge of trading partner message formats enables fast configuration to mandated standards
  • ODETTE compliant labelling
  • Helping to meet JLRQ quality standard
  • Reliable, flexible, easy-to-use EDI solution

About Nichirin U.K. Limited

Nichirin U.K. Limited (Nichirin) is a subsidiary of the Japanese Nichirin Group that manufactures and sells automotive hoses to global vehicle manufacturers. From its UK base in Manchester, it assembles and supplies automotive hoses in the UK and throughout Europe.