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OpenText Exceed TurboX provides high performance graphical remote application access, increasing productivity

Thanks to Exceed TurboX, applications are now much more responsive. Users can now undertake interactive tasks, such as visualizations, in real time.

Justin Krometis, Computational Science Specialist, Advanced Research Computing, Virginia Tech


  • Slow graphical interface response deters users
  • Impact on bandwidth and speed to copying application output files for local analysis
  • Use of complex command line instructions a barrier for many users of HPC
  • User deployment involves manual and complicated steps, leading to many support calls



  • Real-time graphical sessions on low-powered laptops via browser
  • Greatly reduced impact on network bandwidth with data and applications residing together
  • No need for command line interfaces, removing barriers to non-technical users
  • Browser-based, centralized administration provides ease of maintenance

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