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NHBC Builds Streamlined Analytics and Report Portal with OpenText

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OpenText Analytics provides cost effective, self-service report portal for UK house builders

The initial rollout of OpenText Analytics saw about 900 users regularly accessing the portal. This has risen now to more than 1,400 regular users across more than 400 organizations. Being able to quickly and easily access high quality, online management information via an intuitive dashboard is a unique selling point for NHBC. No other provider has this capability to provide this level of BI to so many organisations.



  • Lengthy report production cycles, leading to out of date reports
  • Cost of printing and distribution of paper reports to customers
  • Lack of self-service and report manipulation capabilities



  • Embedded analytics and reports make data readily accessible through online portal
  • Reduced manual production time by 18 man weeks per year
  • £20,000 saved in printing costs
  • Top 50 UK house builders now save time and money from insights obtained through self-service ‘slice and dice’ capability
  • Customer retention – delivery of additional data to customers adds value in competitive insurance market
  • Customers can now benchmark quality of build across sites, optimizing efficiencies across their business

About NHBC

Established in 1936, NHBC is the UK’s leading standard-setting body and provider of warranty and insurance for new homes. It currently insures more than 1.6 million homes, a market share of approximately 80 percent. Over the last 80 years, it has provided warranties for around 30 percent of the total existing housing stock in the UK, more than seven million homes.