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Draeger, Inc.

Draeger Improves Care by Streamlining the Capture of Vital Anesthesia Data

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OpenText™ LiquidOffice brings automated workflows into the perioperative environment

From both productivity and time-saving perspectives, any healthcare organization looking to invest in an anesthesia information system would be foolish not to use a solution like Innovian Anesthesia E-Forms, powered by OpenText LiquidOffice. It just doesn’t make sense for them not to use this type of technology.

David Truncer, Senior Marketing Manager, Draeger, Inc.


• Improve the collection and availability of patient data for better anesthesia management
• Need reliable, efficient process automation dataflow solution for web-based data collection systems



• Eliminates duplication to accelerate the flow of patient information
• Supports automated workflow processes, helping improve patient care
• Increases staff productivity and reduces risk of cancelled procedures

About Draeger, Inc.

Founded in Lubeck, Germany in 1889, Draeger is a family-run business. With more than 13,000 employees worldwide, it has sales and service organizations in more than 50 countries, as well as development and production facilities in Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, the U.S., Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic, and China.