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Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company

Equitable Insurance Improves Customer Experience with Communications

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OpenText Exstream enables leading insurer to streamline document production processes and improve quality and clarity of communications

Using OpenText Exstream has freed up our minds. It’s easier to locate content, and we don’t have to ponder problems. We can just take what we know, plug it right in and get it out the door. It’s just so easy.

Carlyn Campbell, Director of Electronic Document Production, Equitable Insurance


• Need for a more personalized and easier to read communication to customers
• Improve document production processes
• Find a solution that easily enables specific changes that would automatically ripple through all the relevant documents



• Reduces policy document production times by 50 percent
• Cut underwriting times by 50 percent
• Dramatic reduction in the number of document templates (from 18,000 unique to under 1,000)

About Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company

Employing 200 people and licensed to operate in 45 states, Equitable is a life and health insurance firm specializing in the market for people age 55 years and older. Its main products are policies that supplement the federal government’s Medicare national insurance programs for older people. It also offers senior life insurance, cash policies and a cancer-specific plan. Equitable also acts as a Third Party Administrator (TPA), acting on behalf of smaller insurance specialist companies who do not have sufficient resources or knowledge of the Medicare market.