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Silvercrest Asset Management Group

Asset Management Group Adds Self-Service Analytics Capabilities to Company Portal

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Silvercrest Asset Management Group Modernizes its Client-Facing Reporting with the Help of OpenText Information Hub

There hasn’t yet been a situation where we couldn’t do something. We’ve done everything that we wanted to do. And we’ve tried some really complicated things.

Rohan Kalyanpur, Senior Vice President for Silvercrest Asset Management Group


• Eliminate the need for outsourcing with flexible, user-friendly reporting
• Create custom reporting for clients, based on their preferences and output needs
• Build a web-based reporting portal that draws data from the company’s existing SQL Server



• A more professional BI and reporting environment, with modern, flexible, user-friendly reports, statements and dashboards
• More in-depth access to data, for better control and deeper investment analysis
• Improved client loyalty, by tailoring reports to clients’ needs
• Future opportunities for enhanced internal analytics and reporting, including more timely peer reviews on client investments

About Silvercrest Asset Management Group

A registered investment advisor, Silvercrest Asset Management Group LLC provides client-focused asset management services for families, endowments, foundations and institutions. With headquarters in New York City, Silvercrest has offices across the United States and currently advises on $18 billion worth of investments. For more information, visit: