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Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania Enhances Safety and Efficiency with Easy Access to Critical Information

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Australia’s largest renewable energy provider connects enterprise content with integrated solutions from OpenText, SAP®, and Microsoft®

We’ve got the trilogy. Content Suite is the source of truth. SAP is the source of process. And SharePoint’s the outer limits.

Rick Quarmby, Principal Knowledge Management Advisor, Hydro Tasmania


• Scattered information
• Content inefficiencies affecting safety measures
• Slow, costly audit response



• Central, reliable information
• Simplified proof of compliance
• Projected time-savings of 25,000 hours per year
• Competitive edge in evolving marketplace

About Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest producer of renewable energy. Close to 1,200 employees manage operations across dozens of hydro-electric power stations, as well as a handful of gas power plants and wind farms.