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Alliander N.V.

Alliander Powers Ahead to Transform Procurement Processes

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OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions provides mobility and standardization to improve customer service

Our users frequently had to call colleagues and ask for information or documents that they needed, for example to handle a query relating to a supplier. This is a thing of the past, as they can now access everything they need, from a single application, typically with just a few clicks.



  • Unable to access content within processes
  • Growing demand for remote access from various mobile devices
  • Lacked enforcement of templates
  • Poor transparency across business processes



  • Content quickly and easily accessible in SAP, in context, speeds processes up
  • Users able to reliably access latest document templates, ensuring consistency and compliance
  • Content accessible by all providing transparency across key procurement processes

About Alliander N.V.

Alliander N.V. operates energy networks that distribute gas and electricity to large parts of the Netherlands, facilitating businesses, homes, transport, and recreation. The company, with headquarters in Arnhem, can trace its origins back to 1915 in Amsterdam. Around 7,170 employees work to supply 5.7 million customer connections, using their 88,000-km electricity and 42,700-km gas distribution network. In 2014, the company generated revenue of €1.7 billion.