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Kuwait Banking Association

Kuwait Banking Association Undertake Document Management Improvements with OpenText

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Greater knowledge sharing and faster document retrieval leads to increased productivity

Productivity within KBA has improved with staff no longer having to wait for paper documents to be retrieved. They are able to self-serve by searching OpenText for the document they need, which is then instantly displayed, allowing them to focus on the task in hand.

Khalid Hussain, IT Supervisor, Kuwait Banking Association


  • Lack of knowledge sharing impacted efficiency
  • Retrieval of paper documents from warehouse facility caused delays
  • Environmental impact of high volume of paper use


  • Fast, easy access to documentation improves productivity
  • Ongoing conversion of paper to digital formats removes reliance on physical storage and retrieval delays
  • Contribution to green targets by decreasing use of paper

About Kuwait Banking Association

The Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) was formed in 2001, replacing the Kuwait Banking Committee. The Chairmen of the local banks agreed to strengthen cooperation, coordinate to address common issues, keep informed about developments in banking systems, and raise employee standards. Today KBA consists of 22 bank members, including 11 associate foreign banks. KBA aims to support links between local banks, surrounding Arab states, and beyond, including coordination with the Central Bank of Kuwait.