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Jumbo Supermarkten B.V.

Jumbo Supermarkten Optimizes Document Output

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OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions provides single, enterprise-wide output management platform, saving time, reducing costs, and simplifying maintenance

OpenText is truly mission-critical to our business. We're able to produce the store order books a day earlier than before, giving them more time to prepare their orders.

Arjan Klok, Application Warehouse Management Specialist, Jumbo


  • Complex, multi-system output management landscape with high running costs
  • System not able to meet high-output demands in acceptable timeframe for growing business
  • Lack of agility and flexibility of document layouts and use of multiple print devices



  • Consolidation of all output management into a single solution, lowering operating costs
  • Real-time and batch printing, with control of print order and reduction in production times
  • Optimization of document layouts, reducing output, storage, and outsourced production costs

About Jumbo Supermarkten B.V.

Jumbo Supermarkten B.V. (Jumbo), founded in 1921, is the second largest supermarket in the Netherlands. The company's acquisition of Super de Boer in 2009 and C1000 in 2012, brought its total number of stores to more than 550. Jumbo employs around 68,000 staff and generated revenue of 6.8 billion euro in 2014. For more information, visit: