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Enabling Governments and Hospitals to See Huge Savings and Reduce Risk

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Procurement management solution with embedded analytics from OpenText helps Elcom customers make better decisions and track fraud

Our customers get a lot of visibility around deviation from process...and that's a huge thing. Especially for our government clients, that governance and transparency of spend is absolutely crucial.

Kevin Larnach, Executive Vice President of Operations, Elcom International


  • Clients required analysis tool within existing application
  • Keeping up with Big Data demands, reducing cost and waste
  • Differentiate its product, support company's expansion plans



  • Embeds seamlessly with finance, ERP, new databases and outside solutions
  • Offers clients Big Data analysis for a better view of overall operations
  • Improved decision making and savings from analysis of transactions
  • Provides an audit trail to track fraud and inefficiency

About Elcom

Elcom's eProcurement solutions are used in organizations as diverse as schools and universities, medical facilities, emergency services, law enforcement, government administration agencies, and utilities - with all of these organizations sharing content and connections with suppliers through the same solution. Elcom has been delivering its PECOS procurement solution for over a decade. Over 200 clients globally are benefitting from the cost effectiveness and reduction in IT complexity offered by delivery of PECOS in this manner. For more information, visit: