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International Credit Card Brand Accelerates Global Reach

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JCB connects with new business partners quickly and cost effectively with OpenText™ B2B Managed Services

By being able to centralize file exchange with our business partners with OpenText B2B Managed Services, we have improved business partner satisfaction, reduced the burden on our systems infrastructure and reduced the time for introducing our services internationally.

Satoshi Hijikata, International Systems Development Dept., JCB


• Increased demands on system and staff by expanding network
• Time-intensive onboarding process



• Reduces the burden on system infrastructure
• Streamlines onboarding process
• Improves business partner satisfaction
• Speeds introduction of services internationally

About JCB Co.

Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) is the only international credit card brand that originated in Japan, and is recognized as one of the few brands accepted around the world. An international leader in the credit card industry since 1961, the mission of JCB is to provide their customers with unique value through high-quality payment products, a reliable infrastructure and world class services. The company has actively expanded relationships with card-issuing and merchant-acquiring partners to further increase its card member base and the number of merchants who accept JCB cards.