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Hamm Reno Group GmbH

Reno Saves Time with Secure, Digital Real Estate Files

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Shoe retailer manages real estate files with OpenText Document Access for SAP® Solutions

It was our objective to offer employees quick, simple, and local access to the real estate files. We are completely successful in doing this thanks to OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions.

Manfred Gries, Group Leader for Application Administration at the Hamm Reno Group GmbH


  • Paper files are expensive to store, make searches more difficult, and involve a high risk of loss.
  • Real estate paper files do not contain the entire history of the property.
  • Paper files make genuine real estate management more difficult.


  • Full text search and location-independent access saves time and increases productivity.
  • Digital real estate files enable real estate management, not just administration.
  • Digital files protect against loss and ensure business operations and legal security.

About Hamm Reno Group GmbH

The Hamm Reno Group is one of the largest shoe retailers in Europe and has been involved in the industry for more than 120 years. 6,000 employees across Europe sell more than 40 million products every year, including shoes, clothes, and accessories. With revenues of more than EUR 650 million, they operate around 550 stores throughout Europe. A total of around 80,000 document pages relate to these properties alone.