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Givaudan Smell and Taste Success with Global OpenText Implementation

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OpenText Enterprise-wide Content Strategy Drives Savings, Efficiency, Security, and Greater Collaboration

The possibilities are endless for us to build greater value for the business from our relationship with OpenText.

Xavier Ansiaux, ECM & Social Collaboration Competence Centre Manager, Givaudan


  • Content spread across multiple, disparate systems hindering a single source of accurate information
  • High costs of support and maintenance of legacy IT systems
  • Need for greater and more efficient collaboration within and across teams
  • Growth of uncontrolled document distribution via email attachments



  • Single source of accurate information reducing burden on email and removing uncontrolled document distribution
  • Major cost savings through system consolidation, eliminating support and maintenance costs for legacy systems
  • Greater collaboration and knowledge capture for teams at multiple global locations
  • Records management disciplines applied to all content types

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