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Multi-Channel Digital Journey: Drones to Smart Homes

From Drones to Smart Homes: Gaining Insight Across a Multi-Channel Digital Customer Journey

Consumers don’t think about innovation in silos and neither should we in business.  How can organisations capitalise on the latest gadgets and ensure its brand maintains relevance with its consumers – all at a time where mobile, video and communications are changing how we make a great first impression and improve productivity.   Join us to explore the value of integrated digital strategies:

  • Can you use drones for preventive maintenance or video to make your home energy smart?
  • Can traditional marketing communication tactics address customer loyalty at the same time?
  • Will a digital enterprise inspire action with mobile consumers?

Featured Speaker:

  • Marci Maddox 
    Marci Maddox

    Senior Director, Product Marketing, CEM, OpenText

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