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Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Digital Transformation

"Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Digital Transformation" in association with 'The Manufacturer'. 

The world we work in today is fundamentally changing. Think Internet of Things, the cloud, 3-D printing. This Fourth Industrial Revolution will come to be known for its Digital Transformation.  And with 26% of digital leaders being more profitable than their competitors, there has never been a greater time than now to become a modern digital enterprise.

In this webinar, OpenText in association with ‘The Manufacturer' address the following:

  • How your organisation can become a modern digital enterprise
  • How Manufacturers are already digitally transforming their businesses
  • What’s next for the future of the digital manufacturing business

It is our business and your business to make sure you are ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution!  Submit the form to watch the webinar recording to learn more.

Featured Speakers:

    Tom Leeson, MSc

    Industry & Value Marketing Strategist, Manufacturing
    Moderator/Co-Presenter: Henry Anson

    Managing Director, The Manufacturer 

Watch the Webinar: Fourth Industrial Revolution