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Finance & Supply Chain

Integrated finance and supply chain, operational excellence, improved governance & control - The Tullow Oil Journey

Operational excellence is typically an expected outcome of any SAP ERP implementation and this is focused on improving business processes, as well as better access to information. Tullow Oil has embarked on this journey and a key aspect has been around integrating SAP with Vendor Invoice Management, while also embedding ECM, to manage and share content such as supplier invoices, contracts and agreements, with greater ease and flexibility across the Tullow Enterprise. The result is improved governance and control across the Information Management ecosystem.

This forms the first foundational step of Tullow Oil’s Digital Journey. Submit the form to watch the webinar recording to hear how Tullow Oil has embarked on this journey and equally how they plan to further harness the benefits of the platform to drive business value in this Digital-centric world.

Featured Speaker:

Vish Somaia, Head of SAP, Tullow Oil

Graham Wheeler, SAP Support Manager, Tullow Oil

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Finance and Supply Chain: Tullow Oil